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  • Working Memory and Math, Dybuster, Cogmed

    Presenter: Peter Entwistle, PhD

    Working memory deficits have frequently been found to correlate with some math difficulties while other deficits also contribute to problems in acquiring math skills. This webinar will consider both working memory deficits and students who have difficulties with the ‘mental number line’. Pearson presently offers two relevant programs for addressing these math difficulties: Cogmed working Memory Training and Dybuster. To provide context for understanding the salience of these programs the webinar will define working memory and the ‘mental number line’. Secondly, we will articulate which math difficulties are correlated with working memory deficits and whether there are any age differences in these trends. As expected Cogmed working memory training has been found to result in improvement in working memory, but also, intriguingly, some studies have found improvements in math. Highlights of these studies will be reviewed. Pearson also offers a program called Dybuster in which students directly train the ‘mental number line’ or number line skills. Aspects of this web-based and game-based mathematical program will also be presented along with relevant research highlights. In short, this webinar will provide you with two innovative ways to address problems with math.

    Date: Dec 06, 2017 - Time: 03:00 PM EST

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