Remaining Current in Your Forensic Practice with the MMPI-2-RF
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  • Remaining Current in Your Forensic Practice with the MMPI-2-RF

    Presenter: Martin Sellbom, PhD

    This advanced forensic webinar is intended for practitioners who wish to know more about the benefits of using the MMPI-2-RF in forensic settings. Join Dr. Martin Sellbom of the University of Otago (New Zealand) as he discusses how to remain current in assessment by adopting the MMPI-2-RF in your forensic practice and how the test’s transparent, straightforward interpretation leads to a better understanding of test results vis-à-vis the MMPI-2. Dr. Sellbom will cover some general considerations for using the test in forensic psychology practice, and offer illustrative case comparisons that demonstrate how using the MMPI-2-RF can enhance clinical effectiveness and efficiency.

    Date: Apr 17, 2019 - Time: 04:00 PM EDT - Register Now