Assessment Library

Digital Assessment Library

Unlimited use of the Digital Assessment Library allows your district to use the available tests in evaluating all of your students — including gifted, homeschool, and those in charter school — all for a flat, annual price.

As an added benefit, your digital and web-based assessment solutions will ALWAYS be the latest version, as all of the assessments automatically upgrade to the new editions as they're published.

Exploring Evaluations

Conduct your student evaluations with a wide range of assessments.


WAIS®–IV, WISC®-V ... see more

Measure your students’ cognition, intelligence, and processing skills.

Printable PDF or printed response booklets included, depending on assessment.

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KTEA™-3, WIAT®–III ... see more

Accurately assess students for dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Printed response booklets included.

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BASC™-3, Vineland™-3 ... see more

Improve your students’ social skills, evaluate emotional issues, and measure their self-sufficiency.

Printable forms available for select assessments.

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Speech and Language

CELF®-5, GFTA™-3 ... see more

Help diagnose language disorders, assess expressive vocabulary, and receptive vocabulary for any child in your district. Digital stimulus books are available through Q-global.

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Motor and Sensory

Sensory Profile™-2 ... see more

Accurately and efficiently assess your students’ fine and gross motor skills and sensory processing patterns.

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Executive Function

RBANS® Update, WMS®–IV ... see more

Get a comprehensive evaluation of your students’ higher-level cognitive function, assess neuropsychological status, and measure their verbal learning and memory abilities.

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Mental Health*

MACI®, MMPI-A-RF™ ... see more

Get an accurate picture of your students’ personality characteristics and behavioral tendencies.

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*Included as a special offer for contracts beginning in the 2017–18 and 2018-19 school year.