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Discovering strengths within sensory processing patterns

Sensory processing patterns come in all forms, and can make living in a world full of constant noise, movement, and changes in environment a very difficult place to thrive. What we may see as a simple walk through a bustling town to do some sight seeing could be a barrier for someone who processes that environment as an overwhelming dose of chaos.

Our tools can help you support your clients to discover new ways to cope with the external stimuli around them on a daily basis.

Helping your clients recognize their trigger points and identifying ways to overcome them is often the key to long-term success, and we’ve gathered a wide array of resources to assist you as you guide them to attaining a better understanding of their own sensory processing.

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Pre-recorded Webinar

Shelley Hughes, Occupational Therapist
Overview of the Sensory Profile 2: A Strengths Based Approach to Assessment and Planning

This session provides an overview of the Sensory Profile 2, addressing updates from previous versions, information for new users, administration and scoring guidelines, and detailed information on interpretation with case study examples.

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Pearson is committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to identify your clients’ behavioral and social-emotional needs.


Sensory Processing and Challenging Behavior: A study using the Sensory Profile 2 and BASC-2
Evan Dean PhD

Dr. Evan Dean discusses the relationship between sensory processing and challenging behavior using the findings from research conducted with the Sensory Profile 2 and Behavior Assessment System for Children, 2nd Edition (BASC-2).

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Author Podcasts about the Sensory Profile 2 updates

This series of broadcasts presented by Sensory Profile™ 2 author – Dr. Winnie Dunn provides detailed information on the development and utility of each of the Sensory Profile 2 forms.

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Meet the author

Winnie Dunn, PhD, OTR, FAOTA

Sensory Profile author Winnie Dunn has led a full life, both professionally and personally. Learn more about the author of Sensory Profile 2 test and how it came to be.

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Sensory Profile 2 Bibliography

A detailed bibliography for the Sensory Profile products.

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Sensory Profile 2 Technical Summary

An informative infographic about the Sensory Profile 2 standardization sample including demographic, reliability and validity information.

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Supporting Sensory Processing Infographic

An infographic on Supporting Sensory Processing Differences for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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Sensory Profile 2 Case Study – Supporting a successful transition for Noah

A case study highlighting one child’s successful transition into a mainstream public school first grade class.

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Sensory Profile 2 Sample Reports

View sample Sensory Profile 2 reports generated from Q-global.

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Q-Global Training

Learn how to access and use Q-global, our web-based platform for test administration, scoring, and reporting.

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Situating Sensory Processing Concepts With Other Approaches

Watch this pre-recorded author presentation talking about how the different sensory approaches compare to each other.

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Author Case Study Series – Winnie Dunn, PhD, OTR, FAOTA
Sensory Processing & Impact on Every Day Life: Case Studies Using the Sensory Profile 2

This 3 part webinar series by Sensory Profile-2 author - Dr Winnie Dunn, uses case study examples to support health and education professionals to incorporate sensory processing knowledge into everyday practice.

This series has been provided with the support of Occupational Therapy Australia and is reproduced here with the permission of Occupational Therapy Australia.

Case Study 1: Using the Toddler Sensory Profile 2 to support a 2 1/2 year old whose family are requesting help with hygiene and meal-time.

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Case Study-2: Using the Child Sensory Profile 2 to support a 5 year old who lives in a rural location and needs to be able to participate in car journeys with her family.

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Case Study-3: Using the School-Companion Sensory Profile 2 to support a child in third grade who is becoming more socially isolated.

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Exploring Products

We’re committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to identify your clients’ sensory processing needs. You can depend on our easy-to-use, well researched tools to help you help your clients achieve meaningful, rewarding lives.

Sensory Profile 2

Standardized forms completed by caregivers and teachers to assess children’s sensory processing patterns. This assessment can be completed in 5-20 minutes.

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Adolescent / Adult Sensory Profile
Adolescent / Adult Sensory Profile

The Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile is designed as a measure of sensory processing patterns and effects on functional performance in adolescents and adults.

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A comprehensive system for identifying, evaluating, monitoring, and remediating behavioral and emotional problems.

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School Function Assessment

Evaluate and monitor a student's performance of functional tasks and activities.

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The leading instrument for supporting the diagnosis of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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The SSIS Classwide Intervention Program provides a structured, yet flexible and efficient way to teach 10 of the most important social skills to students from preschool to early adolescence.

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Which product is right for you?

With so many products available to assess sensory processing, it can be difficult to choose the right one. We have developed a decision tree to help you with your selection.