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Are you Pearson qualified? In order to access Q-interactive, you must have a Level B or Level C qualification through Pearson. Review the qualification requirements.
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Do you have access to two iPads? You use one iPad to access the test administration instructions, score and record responses, and control visual stimuli. The examinee uses the other iPad to view and respond to stimuli. With real-time scoring, you can see how a client is performing during a session and make immediate adjustments to your battery.


What should you expect? After completing the form below, you expect to receive a welcome email within three business days. The email will include your username and password and will be sent from qinteractive@helloq.com.

* This Q-interactive trial is intended to provide you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the system. There are paper materials required to administer some tests, and these are not provided as part of your trial. Free starter kits are provided with an annual license.


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