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Submissions for Publication

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Submissions for Publication

Format for Submiting Products for Publication Evaluation

If you would like to submit a proposed product to Pearson for evaluation, please supply the following information in describing your proposed product. Two to three typewritten pages should be sufficient to provide the information necessary for our initial review of your work.

    • Contact Author:
    • Affiliation:
    • Mailing Address:
    • Phone Numbers: (w)/(h)
    • Other Author(s):
    • Title:
    • Brief description of the product and its purpose:
    • Theoretical rationale upon which it is based:
    • Components:
    • The population (including age range and disorder(s) for which this product is designed:
    • Who will be the target user(s) of this product and in which service delivery setting(s)?
    • What is the demonstrated need for this product?
    • What similar competing products are there to meet this need? (Please indicate publishers and price, if known.)
    • How does the proposed product differ from these?
    • How much do you think a potential user would pay for this product?
    • How complete is/are the manuscript and other ancillary materials?
    • What is the anticipated date of completion (if not complete)?
    • What field testing has been conducted on this product?
    • Please list published work/presentations on this product (journal articles, convention presentations, etc.).
    • Date of this submission:
    • Is this product currently under review elsewhere?
 Submit Human Resource and Psychological Products to: Pearson ATTN: PMG Acquisitions Editor 19500 Bulverde Rd. San Antonio, TX 78259
 Submit Speech and Occupational Therapy Products to: Pearson ATTN: CATG Acquistions Editor 19500 Bulverde Rd. San Antonio, TX 78259



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