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While there is no set-in-stone process for the assessing and treating ADHD symptoms, there is a research-based path that is typically followed. Take some time to explore each step and the products that are most often used.

  1. Ratings Scales
    Ratings scales paint a picture of how the child performs in multiple settings, and identify the behaviors that indicate a disorder.

  2. Task-Oriented ADHD Tests
    Task-oriented tests directly observe key behaviors that the examinee exhibits and provide objective, quantifiable data to help with treatment planning.

  3. Interventions
    An effective treatment plan needs to be established, and just as each client is unique, as are the methods of treating them for ADHD. In addition to medication and dietary changes, research has found that working memory and attention training—as well as emotional skill building tools—are highly effective

  4. Progress monitoring
    You have the diagnosis, and the treatment plan is in place. Now what? Ensuring the effectiveness of a child's plan is crucial to their success!

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