Psychology Tools for Early Career Psychologists
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Psychology Tools for Early Career Psychologists

Congratulations on beginning your career as a psychologist!

We understand that while this is an exciting time, there is so much to learn. Pearson is committed to the profession of psychology and being your partner throughout your career. Here are a few resources to help you learn more about how psychological tools can enhance and grow your practice while informing your treatment decisions.

Psychological Resources

As a new psychologist, it’s important not to rely on client interviews and instincts alone. Using rigorous, evidence-based assessments in your practice can help you gather and interpret client data in a standardized way, confirm your judgements, and support requests for services or reimbursement. We have compiled some resources to help you understand how psychological assessment can be a valuable tool as you begin your new psychology career.

Primer White Paper

Learn the basics of standardized assessment


Live and on-demand webinars help you stay informed on the latest trends


Free product training is offered on each individual product page

The Testing
Psychologist Blog

See how one psychologist built a thriving assessment practice


7 Reasons to Use Assessments

See how they can help you build credibility and confirm your conclusions

Improving Patient Outcomes by Evaluating Health Psychology Factors

Learn about the impact of biopsychosocial factors on patients' health

Building Your Practice with Q-interactive

See how digital assessment helped Dr. Sharp build a thriving practice

Ethics of Technology and Clinician Responsibility

Clinicians have an important role as tech becomes a bigger part of testing


Go Digital!

There's an easy and cost-effective way to start testing! Q-interactive is a 1:1 iPad®-based system with seamless administration, scoring, and reporting. It allows you to use 20 of our most popular assessments without needing to buy or carry individual kits for each test. This innovative program is engaging for clients and allows you to be more efficient.


Psychology Tools and Assessments

You can depend on our easy-to-use, well-researched assessments to help your clients as you take each step together. Please explore the different areas of assessment that can be useful in your practice.

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