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Whether you work with with adults in a rehabilitation setting, or children in a school, Early Intervention, or private practice setting, having the most up-to-date and effective speech and language tools is paramount to their success. In keeping with our dedication to making sure you have the solutions you need to help those you serve communicate effectively, our team has been hard at work! We have updated many of the speech and language assessments you use every day, and have made them more diverse to reflect our changing demographic.

Some of our recent updates include:

GFTA-3 Spanish Logo

The GFTA™-3 Spanish examines prevocalic, intervocalic, and postvocalic phoneme production of words in Spanish.

CELF-5 Logo

The CELF®-5 is a robust and comprehensive assessment of pragmatics using observations and interactive activities.

PPVT-5 Logo

The PPVT™-5 measures receptive vocabulary for Standard American English.

PLS-5 Logo

PLS™-5 is an assessment that captures a broad spectrum of children's language skills in a single score.

EVT-3 Logo

The EVT™-3 measures expressive vocabulary and word retrieval for Standard American English.

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