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40,000 Selected Words Organized by Letter, Sound, and Syllable


Publication Date: 1987

Publisher: Communications Skill Builders


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This reference, with an extensive index to help you quickly find the sounds you need, is a must for teaching consonant sounds to all your clients ages 3 through adult. The alphabetical dictionary groups consonant sounds by initial, medial, and final positions and by consonant cluster/blends.

40,000 Selected Words, CD-ROM Version

The best-selling book, 40,000 Selected Words, is now available on CD-ROM making it even easier to search for the phonemes, syllable length, and position of the sound you need. It includes the full phonetic spelling of each word and lists them in alphabetical order enabling you to quickly develop custom lists to practice target sounds with your clients ages 3 through adult.

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  • 40,000 Selected Words
    Softcover, 638 pgs
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