Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals® - Fourth Edition, Spanish
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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals® - Fourth Edition, Spanish
(CELF-4® Spanish)


Overview: Address the needs of clinicians who serve Spanish-speaking children and young adults

Age Range: 5:0-21:11

Completion Time: 20 to 30 minutes for Core Language Score; 30 to 60 minutes for total assessment

Norms: Receptive Language and Expressive Language Index Scores, Language Content, Language Structure, and Language and Memory Index Scores expressed as Standard Scores, Percentile Ranks, and Subtest Age Equivalents

Publication Date: 2006


Product Details

Different Languages—Common Goals
A Solution to Assessing Spanish Speakers

Through customer feedback and research, CELF–4 Spanish has been enhanced to better address the needs of clinicians who serve Spanish-speaking children and young adults. CELF–4 Spanish was developed specifically for Spanish speakers living in the U.S. as a parallel test to the English edition of CELF-4.

It is NOT a translation of the English edition of CELF–4. Test items incorporate grammatical forms appropriate for Spanish speakers and themes familiar to Spanish speaking students. Extensive professional review panel from different countries of origin ensures cultural appropriateness of the test items and art.

Features & Benefits

  • Normed on a current sample of Spanish speakers in the U.S. representing many countries of origin: 25% from the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Cuba), 28% from Central and South America, and 46% from Mexico
  • Evaluates both interpersonal communication (BICS) and elements of more advanced academic language (CALP)
  • Includes new Clasificación Pragmática (Pragmatics Profile)
  • Same Four Level Process as CELF–4
  • Enhanced Scoring Assistant offers Spanish and English Parent Reports to assist in communicating with parents who do not speak English

Areas of Assessment


CELF-4 Spanish Edition Flyer

Information on CELF-4 Spanish. Materials and prices are listed.

Order hard copy using ISBN 999-8914-000

Pricing & Ordering

Order Complete Kit

Order Components

Manual Scoring
  • Kits



  • CELF-4 Spanish Complete Kit without Case
    Includes Manual del examinador (Examiner’s Manual), Manual técnico (Technical Manual), 2 Manuales de estímulos (Stimulus Books), 10 Level 1 Folletos de registro (Record Forms), 10 Level 2 Folletos de registro (Record Forms), 50 EVL (ORS) Forms, Luggage Tag.
  • Manuals



  • CELF-4 Spanish Examiner's Manual
  • CELF-4 Spanish Technical Manual
  • Administration Materials



  • CELF-4 Spanish Record Forms Level 1 (ages 5-8)

    Pkg of 25

  • Escala de valoraci n

    (Observation Rating Scale)

  • CELF-4 Spanish Record Forms Level 2 (ages 9-21)

    Pkg of 25

  • Additional Materials



  • CELF-4 Spanish Stimulus Book #1
  • CELF-4 Spanish Stimulus Book #2
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