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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals® Screening Test - Fourth Edition
(CELF® - 4 Screening)


Overview: Quick and accurate screener for students who may be at risk for a language disorder

Age Range: 5-21 years

Completion Time: 15 minutes

Scores/Interpretation: Criterion-Referenced

Publication Date: 2004


Product Details

Coming Fall 2013: CELF®-5 Screening

CELF-4 Screening Test is part of the trusted family of CELF-4:

  • Parallels the most discriminating items from CELF-4.
  • Accurately identify children who need further assessment.

Easy to follow directions are now included in the stimulus book.

Features & Benefits

Now you have a quick and easy way to identify students who may be at risk for a language disorder

Save time with the CELF-4 Screening Test, which parallels the most discriminating items from CELF-4 in a brief format that is easy to administer and score.

  • Receptive, Expressive, Grammatical, and Semantic skills are screened.
  • Now screens kindergarten-age children.
  • Colorful illustrations help keep students engaged.
  • Directions are now included in the stimulus book.

Areas of Assessment

CELF-4 Screening Test is appropriate for children ages 5-21. With the downward extension of the CELF-4 Screening Test to age 5, you can now assess kindergarten-age children. Colorful illustrations keep children engaged while you screen:

  • Receptive skills
  • Expressive skills
  • Grammatical skills
  • Semantic skills

Pricing & Ordering

Order Components

Manual Scoring
  • Administration Materials



  • CELF-4 Screening Test Record Forms
    Pkg of 25
  • CELF-4 Screening Test C/F Direction Stimulus Sheet
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