Dyslexia Screening Instrument
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Dyslexia Screening Instrument


Overview: Identify whether a student has specific characteristics of dyslexia.

Age Range: Children 6:0-21:0 years old; Grades 1-12

Completion Time: 20 minutes or less

Publication Date: 1994


Product Details

Practical and efficient, the DSI measures a cluster of characteristics associated with dyslexia and discriminates between those who have the cluster and those who do not.

Users & Applications

  • Screen large groups of students
  • Helps you meet the requirements of IDEA 2004 and state guidelines
  • Use with individual students who have reading, spelling, writing, or language processing problems

Content & Administration

  • Consists of 33 statements to be rated by the classroom teacher using a five-point scal
  • The teacher uses a single tear-off sheet from the Record Form to rate the student’s behavior on each statement
  • Use the scoring program software to quickly obtain results

Features & Benefits

  • Classifications are based on classroom teachers’ observations and ratings so you receive an “in the moment” view of the student’s skills
  • Ideal for use with assessment of cognitive abilities and academic skills to determine where academic difficulties might be occurring

Psychometric Information

  • Data from 386 students were collected and analyzed for the DSI; 103 students from this group were participants in a dyslexia program
  • Internal consistency reliability coefficients for elementary (.99) and secondary (.98) students are very high. Inter-rater reliability is also high for both groups (100% and 97% agreement on classification category, respectively).
  • Diagnostic accuracy rating for all students was above 98% accurate.


Computer Scoring (CD)

  • Enter demographic information and item rating scores into the scoring program and within moments obtain a Pass, Fail, or Inconclusive classification.
  • You may also enter text into a Comments section in the scoring program to highlight any general behavioral or referral information that is appropriate.
  • The Comments section text will appear in the final report, which you can view and print at any time.
  • You may also export the report to a word processing-compatible file, which you can then use in a larger report as you may need.
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