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Sounds & Symbols Early Reading Program


Overview: Proven, scientifically based supplemental resource

Age Range: PreKindergarten to Grade 3


Product Details

Scientifically based program motivates children to read

Good reading skills and speech development begin with phonemic awareness and phonics practice. Sounds & Symbols Early Reading Program uses this fundamental idea to successfully teach children. This multi-modality program unites phonemic awareness and phonics with vocabulary and text comprehension for proven results. With more than thirty years of experience as the Goldman-Lynch Sounds & Symbols Development Kit and the High Hat Early Reading Program, Sounds & Symbols provides an instructional format that works.

Whether your goals focus on speech improvement, reading mastery, or both, the program provides research-based methods that help. Activities teach:

  • Discriminating sounds
  • Associating sounds with visual symbols
  • Determining sound positions (initial, medial, and final)
  • Segmenting or sounding out syllables and words
  • Deleting and substituting sounds in syllables and words
  • Blending sounds and symbols into words and sentences
  • Reading together to increase fluency

Supports the goals of Reading First

The Sounds & Symbols Early Reading Program addresses the building blocks of early reading development outlined in Reading First and Early Reading First: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Text Comprehension. 

Introduce every alphabet symbol with a story

Each sound and symbol is represented by a storybook character in its own story. All stories include the target sound in isolation, as in the following excerpt from Wendy Watch (featuring the /w/ sound): "High Hat helped Wendy wind the watch: w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w (say the w sound, not the letter name, and make a winding motion). 'Wow,' said Wendy, 'Thank you, High Hat!'" Three audio CDs accompany the program and contain recordings of all the High Hat stories. A selection of songs repeat and reinforce target sounds and lesson concepts. An optional audio CD and set of reproducible masters containing an additional story for each character are also available for purchase.

Help build excitement about reading

Because young students respond so positively to the High Hat character, the program includes two High Hat puppets. These engaging puppets encourage children to interact with the program’s lessons by allowing them to act out stories and exercises.

Resources for teachers

In addition to the books, audio CDs, and materials for students, the Sounds & Symbols kit contains a wide variety of resources for teachers. The program’s manual and a set of reproducible masters can be organized by lesson. Flash cards and character cards work well as lesson focal points, providing cues for beginning readers. And all kit components are packaged in a sturdy, zippered canvas carrying bag.

Kit includes materials that captivate children and provide abundant resources for teachers

  • Two full-color storybooks bring sounds and symbols to life
  • Three audio CDs contain recordings of all the High Hat stories and sound training
  • Two High Hat puppets make it possible to act out stories and exercises
  • The manual and set of CD-based reproducible masters can be organized by lesson

Features & Benefits

  • Stimulate production of speech sounds and recognition of associated visual symbols
  • Plan remediation activities for students with reading, speech, or phonemic difficulties
  • Hold children’s attention with two storybooks full of entertaining stories and illustrations
  • Build an effective early literacy program that students will enjoy
  • Develop a variety of classroom activities designed to reinforce reading lessons


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