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Everyday decision-making is easier with scenario-based, peer-reviewed journal articles.

EBP Briefs is a different kind of journal—it's meant for busy clinicians who need to evaluate the best evidence and make the best decisions in the shortest possible time. EBP Briefs focuses process and product, showing how any SLP can integrate EBP into their real, daily work. This online, open-access, e-journal helps you find answers to some of your everyday clinical questions. It also shows you just how easily you can use the EBP process as you serve individuals with communication disorders and support human communication in general.

See for a complete list of articles including authors and affiliations.

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EBP Briefs articles offer:

  • Information presented in an accessible, practical style
  • Topics with a real-life clinical context for decision-making
  • A transparent look into the selection and evaluation of selected articles
  • An integrated approach using all three "sides" of the EBP framework: current best evidence, clinical expertise, and client/patient values (ASHA, 2004)
  • Authors from speech-language pathology and related disciplines

Each article follows a similar organization:

  • Case scenario
  • Introduction
  • Searching for and retrieving the evidence
  • Assessing the quality of the evidence
  • Summarizing the evidence
  • Making a clinical decision
  • Discussion


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