Expressive Vocabulary Test, Third Edition
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Expressive Vocabulary Test, Third Edition

Overview: A norm referenced and individually administered test of expressive vocabulary and word retrieval based on words in Standard American English.

Age Range: 2:6 - 90+Years

Administration: Paper/pencil or Digital

Completion Time: 10-15 Minutes

Scores/Interpretation: Age-based standard scores (M = 100, SD = 15), percentiles, normal curve equivalents (NCEs), stanines, age equivalents and Growth Scale Values (GSVs)

Scoring Options: Q-globalâ„¢ Scoring & Reporting and Manual Scoring

Telepractice: Tips on using this test in your telepractice

Publication Date: 2019

Cite this product as: Williams, K. T. (2019). Expressive Vocabulary Test (3rd ed.) [Measurement instrument]. Bloomington, MN: NCS Pearson.

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