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Workload Calculator

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Time Period: (weekly, monthly, date range, etc.)

Student/Group Name:
In the table below, enter names or ID#s. Clinicians can choose to calculate their time by individual students, groups, or a combination (e.g., Parker Brandt ID# QT123, Maple Artic Group-AM).

Enter the amount of time in minutes you spend in each of the four categories on this Student/Group. (Refer to the Workload Activity Clusters Worksheet for activity lists. For definitions of each category, see the ASHA (2003) Implementation Guide: A Workload Analysis Approach for Establishing Speech-Language Caseload Standard in the Schools".) The calculator will tally time across for each Student/Group, down for each content area, and will provide a grand total.

Finishing Options:
You have the option to Calculate Totals (or Calculate Totals again after you've changed data), Print, or Export the data. If you want to save the spreadsheet, make sure you Export it before you print it.

Caseload/Workload Calculator

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