How to jumpstart your technology grant search
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How to jumpstart your technology grant search

Finding the financial resources to invest in technology, such as iPads, for your clinical psychology practice can be a challenge. Digital platforms such as Q-interactive support your practice's efficiency and accuracy, but also require new technology. For these reasons, seeking out grant funding opportunities to purchase needed technology might be a good fit. We break down the steps to start your grant search here.

Jumpstart your technology grant search with these five steps:

  1. Establish partnerships: A lot of grant opportunities develop from collaboration between different leaders and/or organizations. Partnerships inspire new ideas and encourage new ways of working to come to life.

  2. Start your search locally: Check out opportunities available in your community or state before widening your search nationally. Reaching out to colleagues in your organization or school is a great first step to kick off your local search.

  3. Use your network: The grant process is all about finding a grant that is a good fit for your needs and desired outcomes. Start your research by reaching out within your network. Do you know a colleague who has experience applying for a grant? If so, seek out advice about how they went about applying for the grant including details such as, the application and proposal writing process, funding source, and project design.

  4. Research, research, research: The internet contains a wealth of information for you to access information outside of your network. We've included a number of great websites to start your search below. Once you've found grants that might be a good fit, you can do further research to see who has won similar grants. You then might be able to find the corresponding winning proposal online as well.

  5. The writing process: Once you've found a grant, and decided to apply, you need to start brainstorming and writing the proposal. If you are new to the grant writing process, take advantage of grant writing courses at a local college or university or even online to understand the components of an effective proposal. Set aside some time to think beyond the financial ask. For example, ask yourself: What is the root problem? What will be established or improved as a result of the money? Who are the individuals who will be positively impacted by a grant win?

When you're ready to start the research phase of your grant funding search, check out these resources: