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Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What languages are available?

    Many of the assessments that we offer are available in a wide variety of languages.  You can see a listing of available languages for our most commonly requested assessments here

    If you do not see a language that you are in need of, we can grant you a license to have our copyrighted content translated for your use in the language you require.  Information regarding this process is located here.

  • 2. Do you have certificates of linguistic validation for your available translations?

    For languages published by Pearson foreign offices, we do not have certificates, as these follow Pearson’s rigorous development and publishing standards.  (See respective administration and technical manuals for details of the adaptation and translation process.)  For languages that were developed by parties other than Pearson that we are the copyright owner of, we are able to provide certificates of linguistic validation upon request.

  • 3. Can I just purchase the assessments I want in the languages I need?

    Yes, but only if you plan on using the materials without ANY modification.  (I.E. complete published format – no CRF, electronic conversion, adapted, etc…)  If you plan on using materials in their published format, you can simply purchase assessments through traditional channels (web, phone, etc...).

  • 4. What is considered a modification?

    Any change made to the originally published format of an assessment is considered a modification and requires a license to proceed.  (I.E. inclusion in a CRF, Digitization, Adaptation, Translation, etc…)

  • 5. Can I use (a German translation, a French translation, etc…) in (Australia, Canada, the US, etc…)?

    Pearson cannot provide guidance as it pertains to your specific research use of our assessments.  A study administrator within your organization should guide your decisions in this area.

  • 6. What is the licensing service fee?

    The license fee associated with each licensing contract is dependent upon your requested product content, the number of administrations you plan on using, any requested modifications / translations, and other specified services that you request as part of the overall negotiated agreement between your organization and Pearson.  Refer here for more information regarding general licensing services and associated pricing / fees.

  • 7. Can I get the materials I need in electronic format?

    Yes.  Digitizing forms for modification by clients is an additional service that requires specific actions on our part.  As a result, additional fees apply to receive content in electronic format.

  • 8. When I try to purchase, I’m told that I’m not “qualified” for purchase. Why am I unable to purchase materials and how can this be accommodated?

    When you are ready to purchase any “off the shelf” items from Customer Service, please have a qualified individual’s credentials available.  Understand, that the qualified individual (commonly the Primary Investigator of the study) must sign for the order.  A detailed review of our user qualifications policy and requirements can be found here.