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Licensing Process

We want to support your research goals and ensure that your clinical trials are successful.  To do this, we have developed a clear and consistent approach to providing licensing and translational rights for our content.  The diagram below provides an overview of this process and what you can expect.  Click the image to see an enlarged version. 

  1. Applicant determines needs for the request.
    (i.e. content, languages, format)  This can be done via website, catalog, or through discussion with Pearson team.

  2. The license request is submitted.
    This is when the licensing process at Pearson begins.  The request form must be submitted via our online site.  Click here to submit your request today.

  3. The request is reviewed and approved or rejected.
    Review is conducted by Pearson legal counsel and business managers.  If your request is accepted, you will be contacted upon completion of this review to proceed with licensing.

  4. Terms are clarified and a license agreement is drafted.
    This agreement is written according to Pearson’s standard terms and sent to the requestor for review and comment.

  5. A final agreement is sent for approval and signature.
    Several rounds of discussions may occur until terms are finalized.  Once approved, final agreements are sent for signature.

  6. The terms of the agreement are executed.
    This can include Pearson sending required files or materials to the licensee.

  7. Study completion / reporting procedures.
    Based on the terms of your licensing agreement you will be required to provide periodic reporting of test usage and submit source documents of any translated files back to Pearson at the completion of your study.

Once you have submitted your license request, we will work with you in each step of the process to ensure that you understand where your request is along the way and can accurately project when you will be able to include our content in your study.

If you should have any questions during the licensing process, please contact us directly at 1-800-627-7271 or email.