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Let Pearson connect you to a world of well-validated and wide-ranging assessments for use in clinical trials and research. Our reliable, valid and sensitive tools can provide pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and contract research organizations the critical information and data needed to assess the efficacy and safety relating to a medication, devices or other intervention.

We currently offer the following services in support of clinical trial research:

  • Consulting Services – Let our experts help you determine the assessments and outcome measures best suited to your specific research questions.
  • Content Licensing – Choose from the widest selection of well-validated measures and obtain rights to use them in a variety of delivery options suited to your study needs.
  • Rater Training – We can support training in the proper administration and use of our measures for your research staff.
  • Data Analysis – We have expert psychometric staff that can support you data collection and analysis needs.

We can develop contract pricing to accommodate any or all of these options to deliver a comprehensive solution for your research project.  Visit our FAQs or reference these options in your Licensing Request to learn more.