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Q Local™ Scoring and Reporting Software


Overview: Enjoy the convenience of desktop administration and administration, scoring, and reporting for more than 30 tests

Pricing: Pricing information for Q Local products can be found on each test page.

Q Local 4.0 Now Available

Quickstart Guide


Product Details

Enjoy the convenience of on-screen administration, instant scoring and automated reporting for more than 30 tests

Q Local software version 4.0 is now available

How to Order Q Local Software and Report Administrations

Check that your current system matches or surpasses the system requirements.

Order Q Local Software by Phone

Local software must be ordered by phone. Once your software is installed, you can order report administrations from within the software. Q Local software is offered in desktop (single copy) and network versions. Please call 800-627-7271 to order the software.

Order Q Local Report Administrations

Q Local software report administrations can only be ordered via the Q Local software or by phone at 800-627-7271. To order report administrations (or "usages") via the software, start your Q Local software and choose Order Reports. Q Local report pricing can be found on the individual test web pages.

How Q Local Software Works

  • Install Q Local software on your computer easily from a CD-ROM, download software upgrades from the Internet, or request that upgrades are mailed to you.
  • An individual can take a test right on the computer, or you can manually key the individual's responses from an answer sheet into the program.
  • After payment of a modest license fee, you pay for only the tests and administrations you need.
  • You receive a counter that plugs into the USB port on the back of your computer. It keeps track of the number of test administrations you've scored.
  • Order additional administrations 24/7 via the Internet with a credit card purchase. You receive immediate access to these administrations.
    (This option is not available to customers outside the U.S.)

Q Local Software Productivity Features

  • Desktop and Network versions
  • On-screen report viewing
  • 24-hour report usage re-ordering via Internet
  • Warning when you are running low on report usages
  • Ability to save client demographic information for reuse with multiple assessments
  • On-screen administration for pre-selected batteries
  • Enhanced ability for naming, viewing, sorting and managing scanned batches
  • Custom data fields
  • Automatic report generation upon scanning answer sheets
  • Automatic reminders to back up data
  • Downloadable software updates
  • Administration of timed and graphics-based tests on-screen
  • Recycle bin for easily deleting records
  • Reports in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) that can be copied and pasted into other applications, including Microsoft Word®

Q Local Software Support

Check out Q Local support and the Q Local software license.

System Requirements for Q Local™ Software

  • Processor: Intel compatible
  • Processor 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 2 GB recommended

Note:  Q Local must be run on a U.S. version of Windows with Regional Options set  to English (United States). International versions of Windows cause problems on installation. 

  • Hard Drive
    5 GB of free hard disc space required for StandAlone and Network versions with all components installed; 1 GB of space required for Network version with Client installed. 1 GB of space required for Network version with HASP server only installed.
  • USB Port for the report counter

Q Local™ Software: Windows® Compatibility

Windows Compatibility v3.0 v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 v.4.0
Windows 10       x x
Windows 8   x x x x
Windows 7 x x x x x

Q Local Software Technical Support

Q Local software enables you to score and report on more than thirty clinical assessments from Pearson.

1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

View all FAQs related to Q Local software.

2. User's Guide

Q Local Quick Start Users Guide
Format: PDF, File Size: 2,215 KB

The Adobe® Reader® is needed to view the guide.

3. Annual License Support Services

With the Q Local annual license, you receive:

  • A Quick Start Guide
  • Online help for both using the software and learning about specific assessments
  • Ongoing technical support information for software questions and troubleshooting
  • Future software upgrades, including Q Local software for new products



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