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Training Partner Program

Pearson, your partner in training, provides valuable support for the training needs of college and university faculty and training directors. As a member of the Training Partner Program (TPP), we offer you sound, useful, timely tools and resources that contribute to the knowledge base of your professional field and help you train future generations of professionals.

The TPP is based on the principles of active partnership, ongoing dialogue, and practical support, with an eye toward making it easier for members to more effectively fulfill their teaching and training roles. The TPP applies to accredited degree-granting academic programs, APPIC, APA, and CDSPP-certified internship programs, approved post-doctoral certification programs, and campus-based training clinics.

Membership in the TPP gives you and your trainees direct experience with some of today's most widely used assessments. All assessments offered through the TPP are based on rigorous research, sound professional practices, and active partnerships with leading experts in their respective fields.

To become a TPP member, Pearson asks that you commit to using our field-tested assessment and intervention tools. The registration and application process is easy!

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer a TPP discount for products that are distributed by Pearson, but are not published by Pearson.


Please register here.

If you are using Q-interactive®, also complete the following:

Reordering Subtests

If you are currently part of the Q-interactive Experiential Program and would like to reorder subtest usages, please complete the following:

Clinical Assessment Class Packs on Q-global®

  • To learn about using clinical assessment tools in your program, read this FAQs document and complete the associated Roster Form.

  • To learn about using Speech & Language assessment tools in your program, read this FAQs document and complete the associated Roster Form.

Professor Roster Forms

If you're a registered TPP member and would like your students to order eligible assessments at a 40% discount, download and complete this form, and fax it to: 1-800-232-1223 Attn: TPP Team