Training Partner Program (TPP) Terms and Conditions
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Training Partner Program (TPP) Terms and Conditions

  1. The TPP applies to accredited degree-granting academic programs, internships (APA, APPIC, and CDSPP), approved Advanced Certification Programs, and campus–based training clinics and counseling/assessment centers serving the university community in the United States.
  2. Materials purchased under the TPP are only to be used for training purposes.  Trainers/supervisors must purchase materials to be used in non-training related activities at the regular rates.  Periodic audits will be conducted.  Membership will be discontinued if this policy is violated by a training site or representative.
  3. The TPP offers a 40% discount* on test materials and scoring services published by Pearson Clinical Assessment to qualified, approved TPP members.
  4. Products that Pearson Clinical Assessment distributes, but does not publish, do not qualify for the TPP discount. Should you have questions about products that qualify, please contact Inbound Sales and Customer Support at 800.627.7271. 
  5. The teaching professional or clinic director must meet the Pearson user qualification requirements for the tests requested under the TPP. For more information, please visit Pearson Qualification Levels. TPP members will only be able to purchase those instruments for which they qualify. (A qualifications review is part of the application process).  Per the Qualifications process, user qualifications are good for 2 years.
  6. The reproduction or translation of tests is prohibited under the TPP.
  7. For Q Global™ web-based reporting and scoring, the annual subscription fees and reports are available at a 40% savings, as long as the materials are being used under the TPP.
  8. Once approved for the TPP, special order forms must be used for Q-interactive. Usages purchased under special pricing cannot be consumed beyond the expiration date of the license or roster. Consequently, digital usages purchased under TPP cannot be rolled over from one full year to another.
  9. Retroactive TPP requests are not honored. Returns, credits, or exchanges are subject to our standard policies.
  10. Shipping charges apply and will be calculated based on the discounted total (this includes standard, expedited, and other shipping charges.
  11. TPP membership remains current for one year. Members will be required to reapply annually.
  12. When purchasing under the TPP, a University PO or University-issued credit card is accepted for payment.
  13. All orders must include the "pricing agreement code" to ensure that the discount is applied. You will be notified of the "pricing agreement code" when you are accepted into the TPP via a letter or email communication.
  14. If students will be purchasing manuals for a specific class, the instructor must provide an enrollment list and course information to our TPP qualifications department.

Note: Please check back in at our website periodically to learn more about any special offers for TPP members. Any questions may be directed to our Inbound Sales and Customer Support Team at the number below.

To Reach an Inbound Sales and Customer Support Representative

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