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MicroCog: Assessment of Cognitive Functioning Windows® Edition 2004
(MicroCog for Windows®)


Overview: Automated neuropsychological battery developed for clinical practice

Age Range: 18 to 89 years

Completion Time: Standard form: 60 to 90 minutes; Short form: 30 to 45 minutes

Forms: Two: Standard and Short

Norms: Nationally normed on a representative sample of 810 adults ages 18-89; age-specific norms for nine age groups; education level adjusted norms.

Publication Date: 2004


Product Details

The first automated neuropsychological battery developed for clinical practice-fast, reliable, extremely efficient

Target specific concerns of cognitive impairment in adults with the updated MicroCog™: Assessment of Cognitive Functioning Windows® Edition (MicroCog™ for Windows®). This version includes significant enhancements and is optimized for Windows®.


This computer administered battery tests individuals with 18 subtests that contribute to summary scores for nine interrelated cognitive areas:

  • Attention/Mental Control
  • Memory
  • Spatial Processing
  • Reasoning/Calculation
  • Reaction Time
  • Information Processing Accuracy
  • Information Processing Speed
  • Cognitive Functioning
  • Cognitive Proficiency

Efficient Screener or Diagnostic Instrument

  • Flexible-allows you to choose which subtests to administer
  • Provides differential diagnosis across a wide population

Two Forms

  • Standard Form (60 to 90 minutes)
  • Short Form (30 to 45 minutes)

User Friendly

Most examinees can complete the test quickly and with minimal assistance after a brief orientation by a testing assistant.

Test-Retest, Store Data

MicroCog for Windows® stores test data and is proven effective in testretest situations to monitor a patient's ongoing cognitive status. A report is automatically provided at the end of each administration.

Other Features and Benefits

  • For a broad age range (18-89 years)
  • Fast administration time (30 to 90 minutes)
  • Results do not vary across cultural differences
  • Does not require computer literacy or Internet access (PC-based)
  • Report credits embedded in software application (separate use counter not required)

Special Uses

  • Screening for dementia or Alzheimer's
  • Determining driving fitness
  • Evaluating airline pilots (approved by Federal Aviation Administration for re-certification)
  • Testing neurological function of athletes-pre- and post- injury
  • Pre-operative assessments to measure post-operative effects
  • Pharmaceutical testing and other research

Clinical Validity

MicroCog for Windows® was nationally normed on a representative sample of 810 adults. Extensive validity information is based on studies of various clinical groups, including those with reading disabilities, epilepsy, depression, dementia, schizophrenia, alcoholism, head injury, and lupus.

Pricing & Ordering

Order Complete Kit

Software-based Scoring and Reporting
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  • MicroCog - Complete Kit
    Complete Kit Includes CD-ROM Windows® software with booklet insert, Manual/Installation Guide, and 10 Report Credits
  • Upgrade Kit (from DOS Version to Windows® Version)
    Includes CD-ROM Windows® software with booklet insert, Manual/Installation Guide, and 10 Report Credits
Other Products
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  • MicroCog - Report Credits - 10 Credits
  • MicroCog - Report Credits - 25 Credits
  • MicroCog - Report Credits - 100 Credits
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