Outcomes PME™: Planning, Monitoring, Evaluating
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Outcomes PME™: Planning, Monitoring, Evaluating


Overview: Evaluate a student's progress toward identified goals

Age Range: Children and adolescents

Publication Date: 2001


Product Details

This performance monitoring tool can be used to help develop functional teacher- and parent-valued competencies connected to the essential skills children need to succeed in school and community settings. It provides a framework to teach progress monitoring to staff, including goal setting and attainment procedures, to address outcomes of interventions established across a wide range of issues at the individual, group or classroom, and system levels.

Outcomes PME provides an authentic measurement of student performance over time and can be applied to systematically focus on student learning and development in a variety of skill areas, including:

      • Social-behavioral functioning

      • Writing and literacy

      • Mathematics fact practicing and mathematical learning

      • Vocabulary and reading comprehension

      • Language-communication development

    • Physical-motor performance

Using a methodology developed by the authors, this tool links to state educational standards.

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