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Children's Memory Scale®


Overview: Assess children's memory abilities

Age Range: 5 to 16 years

Completion Time: 30 minutes

Forms: Two, one for ages 5-8, and one for ages 9-16

Norms: National sample of 1,000 normally functioning children. Subtest Scaled Scores and Index Scores representing critical domains of learning, attention and memory.

Publication Date: 1997


Product Details

Now you can compare memory and learning to ability, attention, and achievement. The Children's Memory Scale™ (CMS) fills the need for a comprehensive learning and memory test for children ages five to 16.

Multiple Uses

  • Plays a vital role in assessing learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders
  • Helps to plan remediation and intervention strategies for school and clinical settings

As a screener or diagnostic instrument, CMS measures learning in a variety of memory dimensions:

  • Attention and working memory
  • Verbal and visual memory
  • Short- and long-delay memory
  • Recall and recognition
  • Learning characteristics.

Links for Valuable Comparisons


Serves as a process skills screening instrument

For children with learning disabilities, diagnosed with TBI, ADHD, epilepsy, cancer, brain tumors, or strokes.

Interpretive Information

Includes extensive interpretive information, strategies for intervention based on a child’s CMS
score and pattern of performance.

Efficient administration

  • 20 minutes for the six core subtests
  • 10 to15 minutes for the long-delayed memory test
  • 30-minute break during which you can administer other verbal or nonverbal measures


  • Eight index scores
  • Minimal item bias
  • Fairness to all children
  • Extensive clinical validation studies for those special groups


CMS on Q-interactive at a Glance:
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Available With Subtests Available Subtest Pricing Scoring and Reporting Materials Needed
Standard, Classroom, & Experiential Licenses
(Can be added to licenses free of charge upon request!)
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*Cost per usage between $1.00 and $1.50 depending on volume discounts

Benefits of CMS on Q-interactive

  • Create custom batteries by combining subtests from the CMS with other tests such as the WISC-V.
  • Standardize administration and simplify the management of CMS materials so you can focus on what is important – the examinee.
  • Automatically score items based on grid placement, to streamline administration
  • Obtain scaled scores immediately after finishing a subtest, to increase speed and accuracy.

How Can I Buy CMS on Q-interactive?

New customers:

CMS can be added to any Standard license free of charge. Annual Q-interactive licenses can be purchased using our online order form or by calling Customer Support at 1-800-627-7271. See the Q-interactive pricing tab for more information on license options.

Current Q-interactive customers:

If you want to add the CMS to your account, visit our online order form and select the "Add Test(s) to Existing Account" option. You may also call Customer Support at 1-800-627-7271. There is no charge to add CMS to a current license.


Pricing & Ordering

Order Components

Q-interactive® App- and Web-based Administration and Scoring
  • Administration Materials



  • CMS Response Chip Set
  • CMS Grid and Picture Set
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