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Children's PTSD Inventory - A Structured Interview for Diagnosing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children and Adolescents


Overview: Diagnose PTSD in children and adolescents

Age Range: 6 through 18

Other Languages: English, Spanish and Canadian French

Administration: 5 to 20 minutes

Publication Date: December 2003


Product Details

Now, diagnose PTSD in children and adolescents with one scientifically valid and reliable assessment.

Over ten years in development by Dr. Phillip A. Saigh, one of the nation's leading PTSD experts, this unique, comprehensive tool for ages 6 through 18 years can measure DSM-IV criteria for all PTSD types including ruling out the disorder.

  • Directly corresponds to DSM-IV diagnostic criteria.
  • Invaluable in clinical settings where one easy-to-administer structured interview can provide the medically appropriate diagnosis in minimal time.
  • Useful in making a differential diagnosis in the presence of comorbid disorders.
  • Information obtained may be used to develop intervention and treatment plans beyond diagnosis.
  • Ideal for school and juvenile correctional settings-aligns with No Child Left Behind safe schools legislation.

Inventory Forms are available in English, Spanish and Canadian French. The Canadian French Inventory Forms are available through our Canadian office. Call toll free to order at 1-800-387-7278 ext. 271.

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This product will be discontinued as of December 31, 2015. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability of any item.

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