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California Verbal Learning Test® - Second Edition


Overview: Obtain a detailed and comprehensive assessment of verbal learning and memory

Age Range: 16 to 89 years

Administration: By hand (Assist Software) or web-based (Q-interactive)

Completion Time: Standard and Alternate Forms: 30 minutes testing plus 30 minutes of delay. Short Form: 15 minutes testing plus 15 minutes of delay

Forms: Short Form, Standard Form, Alternate Form

Norms: Nationally normed on a representative sample

Publication Date: 2000


Product Details

Obtain the most comprehensive and detailed assessment of verbal learning and memory available for older adolescents and adults.

A revision of the classic test of verbal learning and memory, the California Verbal Learning Test—Second Edition (CVLT–II)includes:

  • More comprehensive information provided by new items
  • Flexible administration with new Short and Alternate Forms
  • Expanded age range for broader usage
  • Correlation with the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence™ (WASI™) for valuable comparative data
  • Technologically advanced scoring system

More Comprehensive Information

New items provide more comprehensive information than ever before. Examinees are read a list of words, selected after careful study of their frequency of use across multiple demographic variables, and asked to recall them across a series of trials. In addition to recall and recognition scores, CVLT–II measures encoding strategies, learning rates, error types, and other process data. CVLT–II includes forced-choice items useful for detecting malingering, thereby helping to reduce false results.

Flexible Administration

New options provide flexibility in test administration. You can use the Short Form when exam time is limited or when you need less detailed test information. The Short Form is also helpful when examinee fatigue is a concern, or severe memory or cognitive deficits make the Standard or Alternate Forms impractical. The Short Form features lists of nine words in three categories and takes only 15 minutes to administer (plus two delay periods totaling 15 minutes). The new Alternate Form prevents artificially inflated scores when re-testing is necessary. The Standard and Alternate Forms can be administered in 30 minutes, with an additional 30-minute delay.

Expanded Sample

Extensive clinical data are available. New norms are available on a national sample of adults selected to represent the U.S. population. Norms are provided for individuals from ages 16 to 89, increasing the use of the new edition.

Correlated with Wechsler Abbreviated™

CVLT–II is correlated with the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence™ (WASI™), providing valuable comparison information about the effect of cognitive ability on verbal learning and memory.

Technologically Advanced Scoring System

The CVLT–II Comprehensive Scoring System provides rich information not available through typical hand scoring. The most technologically advanced scoring software yet, it offers multiple scoring options, varying from brief to highly detailed information.

Pricing & Ordering

Q-interactive® Web-based Administration and Scoring:

No testing materials required.

Please Note:
For the items in the Software-based Scoring and Reporting section below, please note that the software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Software is not compatible with Mac OS.

Order Complete Kit

Order Components

Software-based Scoring and Reporting
  • Kits



  • CVLT-II Complete Kit CD-ROM Version Kit
    Includes Software package, Manual, 25 Standard Record Forms, 1 Alternate Record Form, and 25 Short Record Forms.
  • Manuals



  • CVLT-II Manual
  • Administration Materials



  • CVLT-II Standard Record Forms
    Pkg of 25
  • CVLT-II Short Record Forms
    Pkg of 25
  • CVLT-II Alternate Record Forms
    Pkg of 25
  • Scoring Software



  • CVLT-II Software package, CD-ROM Package
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