Kaplan Baycrest Neurocognitive Assessment™
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Kaplan Baycrest Neurocognitive Assessment™


Overview: Assess cognitive abilities of adults with a comprehensive screening test

Age Range: 20 through 89 years

Completion Time: 60 minutes

Norms: Index Scores, Process Scores, or a combination of both

Publication Date: 2000


Product Details

The Kaplan Baycrest Neurocognitive Assessment™ (KBNA™) gives you important information for a general overview, in-depth diagnosis, or treatment planning and monitoring. The test combines behavioral neurology and traditional neuropsychological approaches to assessment.

KBNA evaluates the major areas of cognition:

  • Attention/Concentration
  • Immediate Memory – Recall
  • Delayed Memory – Recall
  • Delayed Memory – Recognition
  • Verbal Fluency
  • Spatial Processing
  • Reasoning/Conceptual Shifting

Results are presented as standard scores for the Indexes and as percentile categories of low, medium, and high risk of cognitive impairment for the Process Scores.

Useful Clinical Studies

KBNA is correlated with the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence™ (WASI™), providing valuable clinical information about the effect of general cognitive ability on KBNA subtests. KBNA is also correlated with a variety of commonly used neuropsychological tests, including the California Verbal Learning Test® (CVLT®), the California Verbal Learning Test®—Second Edition (CVLT®–II), and the Boston Naming Test.

Flexible Information

KBNA allows examiners to choose among a general overview of cognition by calculating Index Scores only, a detailed analysis of neurocognitive functioning by also calculating Process Scores, or a combination of both. The Process Scores help you break down an examinee's performance into component processes, making it easier to identify strengths and weaknesses, reach a diagnosis, plan treatment, and document improvement over time.

Scoring is Easy

Normative Data Profile Sheets eliminate norms tables and provide all normative information for each of the seven age groups.


Auditory Signal Detection files for KBNA administration. You can download and burn a CD, add to your iPod, play from your Windows Media Player, etc. All files have the same content but are offered in different formats for your convenience.

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  • KBNA Complete Kit
    Includes Manual, Stimulus Book, Response Chips (set of 8), Response Booklets (package of 25), Record Forms (package of 25), Response Grid, packaged in a box.
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