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Wechsler Test of Adult Reading™


Overview: Estimate pre-morbid intellectual functioning

Age Range: 16-89

Administration: 5-10 minutes

Norms: Standardized on a nationally representative, stratified sample; U.K. norms available

Publication Date: 2001


Product Details

Estimate an individual's level of intellectual functioning before the onset of injury or illness with the Wechsler Test of Adult Reading™ (WTAR™). This new assessment tool for older adolescents and adults takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The only reading test normed with the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale®—Third Edition (WAIS®–III ) and Wechsler Memory Scale®—Third Edition (WMS®–III), the WTAR is an effective method for predicting a person's pre-injury IQ and memory abilities.

Predict Pre-morbid Intelligence with Accuracy

The WTAR allows you to measure pre-morbid (pre-injury) level of intellectual functioning for individuals ages 16 to 89 years. You can administer the WTAR as part of a comprehensive evaluation and use the client's predicted cognitive functioning scores to develop appropriate treatment plans.


This reading test is composed of a list of 50 words that have atypical grapheme to phoneme translations. The intent in using words with irregular pronunciations is to minimize the current ability of the client to apply standard pronunciation rules and assess previous learning of the word.

Rationale for Reading Test

Unlike many intellectual and memory abilities, reading recognition is relatively stable in the presence of cognitive declines associated with normal aging or brain injury. The purpose of the WTAR is not for the assessment and diagnosis of developmental reading disorders, but rather for an initial estimation of pre-morbid intellectual and memory abilities (assuming a normal development of reading skills prior to injury or cognitive decline).

Predict WAIS–III and WMS–III Performance

The WTAR provides you with a decided advantage over other tests because it was developed and co-normed simultaneously with the widely-used WAIS–III and WMS–III (both U.S. and U.K. versions). This co-development enables the WTAR to be an effective method for predicting full-scale IQ and memory performance, with prediction equations available for WAIS–III index scores and selected WMS–III index scores.

Reliable and Valid

Built to the Wechsler® Standard, WTAR provides:

  • A large national norming sample carefully matched to the U.S. population; U.K. norms are also available
  • Demographic data to accurately predict pre-morbid IQ in neuropsychological cases
  • Extensive clinical validity with group studies including Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, Korsakoff's syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury

Easy to Administer and Score

Administration of the WTAR takes less than 10 minutes and involves asking the client to read out loud 50 words. Pronunciations are provided on the record form for scoring accuracy; the total score is the number of words read correctly.

Convenient Record Form

The WTAR record form facilitates administration, scoring, and conversion to predicted scores. In addition to the list of WTAR stimulus with correct pronunciations and item scoring, the record form contains areas for recording demographic data, raw score, standard score, percentile rank and score plot for both forms, as well as space for the prediction of IQ/memory from WTAR performance.


  • ACS: Test of Premorbid Functioning (formerly WTAR) Software Training

    This pre-recorded 20-30 minute session allows you to learn at your leisure. All you need is access to the Internet and the sound enabled on your computer. Please keep in mind that the session may take a few minutes to load.

    In less than 20 minutes, you can learn about how to generate a reliable estimate of premorbid functioning using the Test of Premorbid Function (formerly WTAR) and associated software that is included in the Advanced Clinical Solutions for WAIS-IV and WMS-IV. The session will provide you with step by step instructions for generating premorbid predictions within the ACS software.

    Attend a session


Pricing & Ordering

The WTAR Kit is no longer available. Record Forms will be available until June 2018. Please visit the web page for the revised edition, now titled Test of Premorbid Functioning (TOPF) based on WAIS-IV and WMS-IV.

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