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Student Styles Questionnaireâ„¢


Overview: Measure students' styles of learning, relating, and working

Age Range: 8:0 - 17:11; Grades 3 -12

Completion Time: Untimed; less than 30 minutes

Norms: Prevalence-based T scores based on representative sample of 7,902 student

Scoring Options: Manual Scoring

Publication Date: 1996


Product Details

Analyze students in four scales: Extroverted/Introverted, Thinking/Feeling, Practical/ Imaginative, and Organized/ Flexible. The Student Styles Questionnaire™ is patterned after the original Jungian constructs that were popularized by Myers and Briggs.

Students respond to 69 forced-choice questions related to real-life situations to express their individual styles. Each item is a brief description of an everyday event, followed by two mutually exclusive alternative responses that indicate the student's preferred style. The Student Styles Questionnaire measures preferences, not actual behaviors; students are encouraged to respond in terms of what they like to do.

Multiple Applications

Results are useful for grouping students for cooperative learning tasks, exploring vocational and prevocational choices, assisting in social and emotional counseling, and planning intervention strategies appropriate to a student's particular style. Each style is derived from 16 combinations of the four traits. The Student Styles Questionnaire can also help in parent training, suggesting communication strategies for both parents and teachers. Interpretive reports include suggested instructional strategies.

The classroom applications booklet provides teachers and guidance counselors with ideas for activities in specific subject areas for each student style.

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