BASC-2 Portable Observation Program
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BASC-2 Portable Observation Program


Product Details

New Features

  • Peer comparison allows you to collect information on a second student while you observe the student of interest
  • Export your data to a research file for analysis

Conduct observations the way you want

The BASC-2 Portable Observation Program lets you design your own template for observations in the classroom using your desktop or laptop computer. After conducting direct observations, you are ready for general reporting and archiving. The program also includes a convenient, comprehensive form you can start using immediately - the BASC 2 Student Observation System.

Streamline report writing

Because information is stored electronically, you can quickly retrieve details for creating in-depth, precise reports. The BASC-2 Portable Observation Program also allows you to:

  • Create and print detailed reports of narratives, tables, and/or graphs
  • Archive electronic reports as Portable Document Format (PDF) files
  • Export electronic files to edit in your favorite word processing program

BASC-2 Portable Observation Program-Technical Requirements

OS Requirements Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 OS 10.3.x or higher
Min. Hardware
400-MHz Pentium II processor, 64 MB of RAM 64 MB of RAM




Frequently asked questions follow. Click on a question to see the response.

  • Which operating systems does the BASC Portable Observation Program support?

    The BASC Portable Observation Programis compatible with desktop/laptop operating systems for Windows® and Macintosh®.

  • Do I have to specify which operating systems I use when ordering the BASC Portable Observation Program?

    No. There is only one version of the BASC Portable Observation Program, which is compatible with all of the operating systems listed above.

  • I have my own observation forms. Can I customize the BASC Portable Observation Program to match them?

    Yes! As you load the BASC Portable Observation Program onto your desktop or laptop, the program will allow you to create new observation forms to use as you'd like. Your customized forms will be available for use on your laptop.

  • If I need to observe multiple students at the same time, can I still use the BASC Portable Observation Program?

    The BASC Portable Observation Program will allow you to track more than one student at the same time (sometimes referred to as peer comparison ratings) if you design a custom form that designates behaviors for more than one student. For example if you would like to rate a student on a total of 6 behaviors, you can design a form that assigns 6 of the 18 available buttons for student #1, and 6 additional buttons for student #2.

  • What kinds of reports can I generate using the BASC Portable Observation Program?

    You can generate single session and multiple session reports (on up to 5 observations completed for a student using the same observation form). You can print a report, save a report as a .pdf file (one that can be used to electronically store a report in a format that cannot be edited), or save a report to an .rtf file (Rich Text Format; one that can be imported into a word processing program such as Microsoft Word).

  • I don't have a lot of spare time. Is the BASC Portable Observation Program easy to learn?

    The feedback we have received to date on the program is that it is pretty easy to learn and use. Most users will probably be able to learn the program within 1 hour or less. Once you have used the program a few times, it becomes easier to use because it will save information you have already entered into the program (e.g., school names, forms, teacher names, student names, etc.).

  • Can I track and report on a student's behavior over time?

    Yes. Information stored in the program will be saved for as long as you want it to be. Progress reports (a.k.a. Multiple Session Reports) can be generated that present behavior information from multiple observations, provided the same observation form is used.

  • Can I download the application from the Internet?

    No. The application is simply too large to be downloaded efficiently from the Internet.

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