Academic Competence Evaluation Scales
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Academic Competence Evaluation Scales


Overview: Facilitate pre-referral assessment with a standardized instrument

Age Range: Grades: Kindergarten-college

Completion Time: 10-15 minutes

Forms: Teacher Record Forms (K-12), Student Record Forms (6-12), College Record Forms

Scores/Interpretation: Standard scores, percentiles

Scoring Options: Scoring Assistant™ software and Manual scoring

Publication Date: 2000


Product Details

Facilitate Pre-Referral Assessment and Identify At-Risk Students With the Academic Competence Evaluation Scales (ACES)

This functional assessment tool provides a standardized instrument to screen students who are having difficulty learning. Both general and special educators can identify and prioritize skills that may need intervention. Based upon these results, child study teams can identify students who would benefit from a comprehensive assessment or early intervention.

Evaluate Functioning

ACES is an effective tool to determine how the student functions in the classroom. On one form—the Teacher Record Form—ACES summarizes all areas necessary for academic competence from the teacher's perspective: Academic Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Academic Motivation, Study Skills, and Classroom Engagement.

Multiple teachers may evaluate the same student for a comprehensive view of student functioning.

Student Record Form

The student self-report for grades 6-12 evaluates academic skills and strategic academic behaviors from the student's perspective. It provides an overview of how students see themselves as learners and is designed to complement the teacher's version with a goal of obtaining multiple perspectives.

College Record Form

College students can also complete a self-report scale useful for determining when a student needs assistance or comprehensive evaluation for learning disabilities.

Efficient Scoring Software

PC-based software provides a summary report and is available in CD-ROM or disk formats.


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