Devereux Scales of Mental Disorders
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Devereux Scales of Mental Disorders


Overview: Identify behavioral or emotional problems in children and adolescents

Age Range: 5:0 - 18:0

Administration: 15 minutes

Forms: Two: Child (5-12 years) and Adolescent (13-18 years)

Norms: More than 3,000 cases, separate by sex for both parent and teacher raters

Publication Date: 1994


Product Details

Indicate whether a child or adolescent is experiencing, or is at risk, for an emotional or behavioral disorder. The Devereux Scales of Mental Disorders (DSMD™) are especially designed for treatment planning and outcome evaluation. The 111-item child form and the 110-item adolescent form cover a full range of psychopathology and are based on DSM-IV categories.

Versatile Assessment

The DSMD helps professionals evaluate behavior in a variety of settings, compare results to a large national sample, and analyze information for treatment planning and evaluation of treatment effectiveness.

Any adult who has known the child for four weeks may serve as a rater. The same form is used for parent and teacher raters, with separate norms provided for each.

Special features of the DSMD include:

  • Items reflecting the full range of psychopathology including Externalizing disorders (Conduct and Attention/Delinquency scales), Internalizing disorders (Anxiety and Depression scales), and Critical Pathology disorders (Autism and Acute Problems scales)
  • Consistently excellent composite scale reliabilities
  • Content validity based on DSM–IV and mapping of specific items to corresponding DSM–IV criteria
  • Factorially and logically derived scales reflecting major dimensions of psychopathology
  • Validity studies utilizing inpatient and outpatient clinical groups

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  • DSMD Complete Kit
    Includes Manual, Child Ready Score Answer Documents 5-12 (package of 25), and Adolescent Ready Score Answer Documents 13-18 (package of 25).
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  • Adolescent Ready Score Answer Documents (13-18)
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