Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students
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Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students


Age Range: 2 to 10 years for SDIS-C and 11 to 18 years for SDIS-A

Other Languages: Spanish

Completion Time: Around 10 minutes

Forms: Two Forms: child and adolescent

Norms: Norm-referenced

Scores/Interpretation: T-scores, percentiles and sleep categories for each of the five major sleep disorder categories and the Total Sleep Disturbance Index; Interventions for five major parasomnias

Publication Date: 2003


Product Details

Screening Tool to Determine Sleep Disorder Risk Level in Children and Adolescents

The SDIS provides a simple, yet valid and reliable screening tool for use with children to help determine risk level for sleeping disorders, including bedwetting and sleepwalking.

Use this tool to help:

  • Screen for five major sleep disorders that impair learning, cognition and behaviors: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, Narcolepsy
  • Determine sleep disorder risk level: Normal, Sleep, Caution, or High Risk
  • Offer two forms: Children's Form (SDIS-C) Ages 2:0-10:11 and Adolescent Form (SDIS-A)Ages 11:00-18:00
  • First step when identifying serious sleep disorders.
  • Meets the urgent need for helping a vast number of unidentified children suspected of having a sleep disorder
  • Measures many different sleep disorders and five parasomnias in under 10 minutes
  • Indicates if the child is at risk for a sleep disorder, needing further evaluation
  • Determines sleep disorder risk level; Normal Sleep, Caution, or High Risk
  • Validated with well-known sleep clinics and sleep specialists
  • Manual on CD-ROM includes scoring software
  • Provides Graph and Interpretive report with suggested interventions for each sleep disorder.


Journal Article

Screening for Sleep Disorders in Children with the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students (PDF – 32 KB)

Book Chapter

Assessment of Sleep Problems in a School Setting or Private Practice in Anna Ivanenko's (Ed.) Sleep and Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents. New York: Informa Healthcare, 2008: pp. 109-138.

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