Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, Fourth Edition
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Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, Fourth Edition


Age Range: 6:0 – 89:11

Other Languages: Test directions in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Tagalog

Administration: Examiner interaction. Requires minimal physical response.

Completion Time: 15 to 20 minutes

Scores/Interpretation: Age-based standard scores (M=100, SD=15), percentile ranks, and stanines

Scoring Options: Manual scoring

Publication Date: 2010


Product Details

The TONI-4, featuring new norms to help ensure proper representation of demographic changes in the U.S. population, offers you an assessment of intelligence, aptitude, abstract reasoning, and problem solving. This language-free test is ideal for evaluating those with questionable or limited language ability.

The administration and response format are pragmatic with simple oral instructions, requiring test-takers to answer with simple but meaningful gestures such as pointing, nodding, or blinking.

  • TONI-4 provides two equivalent forms, each containing 60 items arranged in easy to difficult order.
  • All items are abstract/figural (i.e., void of pictures or cultural symbols); educational, cultural, or experiential backgrounds will not adversely affect test results.

Pricing & Ordering

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Manual Scoring
  • Kits



  • TONI-4 Complete Kit
    Includes Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, Critical Reviews and Research Findings (1982-2009), 50 Form A Answer Booklet and Record Forms, and 50 Form B Answer Booklet and Record Forms, all in a sturdy storage box.
  • Administration Materials



  • TONI-4 Form A - Answer Booklets and Record Forms
    Pkg of 50
  • TONI-4 Form B - Answer Booklets and Record Forms
    Pkg of 50
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