Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - Second Edition (WIAT-II)
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Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - Second Edition (WIAT-II)


Age Range: Ages: 4:0 - Adult

Publication Date: 2001


Product Details

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Features & Benefits

Process Evaluation

WIAT–II allows you to go beyond the correctness of a response and begin to examine how the individual solves problems and employs strategies and how this performance matches curricular expectations, thereby evaluating the process as well as the product.

Efficient And Practical

  • Flexible administration – entire battery or select subtests
  • Interesting and instructionally relevant tasks
  • Hand or computer scoring
  • Detailed skills analysis to guide intervention
  • Streamlined test materials for easy transport

Key Enhancements

  • Meets IDEA guidelines
  • Expanded to include ages 4 through adult
  • Test design incorporates current scientifically-based research on reading and mathematics achievement measurement
  • Subtests include easier (lower floor) and more challenging (higher ceiling) items to better test lowand high-functioning individuals
  • Emerging academic skills are addressed in reading, math, and oral language subtests
  • Stimulus booklets contain color artwork
  • Co-normed with Wechsler tests for continuity of evaluation
  • Co-normed with the diagnostic tool, PAL™: Test Battery for Reading and Writing
  • Holistic and analytic scoring rubrics developed in consultation with leading reading and writing experts
  • Large validity studies conducted with clinical populations (individuals with learning disabilities, ADD, language-learning disabilities, hearing impairment, gifted)

Areas of Assessment

This comprehensive battery includes a broad sample of curriculum content. Subtests include a detailed description of the specific curriculum objective(s) underlying items to facilitate a thorough evaluation of an individual's skill area strengths and weaknesses.

WIAT®-II provides norm-referenced information about all areas specified by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

DAS®/WIAT®–II Supplement

If administering WIAT–II with the DAS®, a special supplement provides you with valuable information, based on a sample of 105 children ages 6-16 who were given both tests. The supplement includes significance tables for simple-difference, predicted ability-achievement, and frequencies of observed discrepancies at the composite and subtest level.

IDEA Areas

WIAT®-II Subtests

  • Oral Expression
  • Listening Comprehension

  • Oral Language
  • Listening Comprehension

  • Written Expression

  • Written Expression
  • Spelling

  • Basic Reading Skill
  • Reading Comprehension

  • Pseudoword Decoding
  • Word Reading
  • Reading Comprehension

  • Mathematics Calculation
  • Mathematics Reasoning

  • Numerical Operations
  • Mathematics Reasoning

Pricing & Ordering

Order Components

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  • WIAT-II Examiner's Manual Update '05
  • WIAT-II Record Forms/Response Booklets
    Pkg of 25 each
  • WIAT-II Scoring and Norm Book - Adult-College
  • WIAT-II Scoring and Norm Book - K-12
  • WIAT-II Stimulus Book 1
  • WIAT-II Stimulus Book 2
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