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Dybuster Orthograph


Overview: A reading and writing learning software for school and home use

Age Range: Grade 2-7


Product Details

Dybuster Orthograph represents a unique way of assisting the brain in essential learning and maturation. It combines cutting-edge findings from neuroscience and neuropsychology with tried-and-tested principles from the field of computer science.

Dybuster Orthograph is a reading and writing learning software for school and home. It is designed to improve students’ ability to read and write. The software’s standard pool of 8,000 English words is broken down neatly into 100 easily approachable modules. In addition, teachers can create customized modules of dictation words. The training can be extended as desired and as such affords limitless opportunities for improvement.

Dybuster Orthograph is brilliantly suited for use in the classroom. Each child works with their own password-protected account and can use the software to train at school or at home. The status of their progress is stored online and synchronized with all computers at which the child works, affording ongoing oversight and control to the teacher(s) responsible for the child. Students work independently - guided by the computer - and are trained systematically in the correct spelling of common words.

Features and benefits of Dybuster Orthograph:

  • Personalization: Dybuster Orthograph uses advanced data analytics to adapt to the capabilities and speed of each individual user and supports children’s learning development in exactly the areas where their difficulties lie.
  • The game-based courses help make learning fun. As a reward, users can purchase backgrounds, animations, sounds, etc. to individualize their Orthograph interface.
  • Independent training: Children work independently at a computer at school or home. While it's important for adults to support and encourage learners, the software manages the training. Dybuster Calcularis indicates immediately - after each input - whether the answer given by the child is right or wrong

  • Progress Monitoring:
    • Personal Progress: Learners can track their progress and the goals they have achieved
    • Teachers: The Dybuster Orthograph Coach program is offered to enable administrators and teachers to see which fundamental skills are being developed and trained

Content & Administration

  • The Dybuster Orthograph program works with a basic vocabulary of 8,000 words. The division of words into modules—100 in total—has been carried out with linguistic considerations and the language acquisition process in mind. The first 60 modules contain 50 words each, while the second 40 contain 100. In addition to the standard program, teachers can create customized training programs with words from spelling tests or dictations.
  • The Dybuster Orthograph Coach program is offered to enable administrators and teachers to see which fundamental skills are being developed and trained

Proven Success:

Learners’ success with Orthograph has been proven in multiple scientific studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the University of Zurich: After only three months’ training, dyslexia users achieved an average improvement of between 27%-35%, while their cohorts who did not receive the training exhibited little or no improvement (Kast M. M. M., 2007, Baschera G.-M. K.M., 2011).

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Call: 1-888-988-8048
Tech Support: Dybustersupport@pearson.com
Sales/Info: Dybusterinfo@pearson.com

Dybuster AG, a Swiss company, is the owner of Calcularis

Pearson Clinical Assessment, a business unit of NCS Pearson, Inc., is the authorized distributor of Orthograph within the United States


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