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Pearson Continuous Performance Test
(Pearson CPT)


Overview: CPT is brief, targeted, and easy to use, while challenging multiple components of attention, including impulsivity.

Age Range: 6:0 - 14:11

Completion Time: 15 to 20 mins

Publication Date: December 2016 (PC) & Q1 2017 (MAC)


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The Pearson Continuous Performance Test (Pearson CPT) aids in the assessment of attention-related problems in children ages 6 through 14. The Pearson CPT collects data on the examinee’s ability to inhibit impulsivity and respond accurately to images on a computer screen.

Examinees are seated in front of a computer and instructed to press the space bar when an 8-pointed star appears and to do nothing when a 5-pointed star appears. The test itself takes 15 minutes for children ages 6 through 12, or 20 minutes for individuals ages 13 or 14. Following administration of the test, response data is used to calculate a number of scores that help in understanding specific aspects of an individual’s attention performance.

During testing, the targets appear in different locations on the screen to challenge additional components of the attention system and elicit the propensity to be inattentive and impulsive. Scores generated upon completion of the Pearson CPT fall into two general categories: Attention Response Analysis and Attention State Analysis.

  • Scores within the Attention Response Analysis category provide information about how an examinee performs in comparison to individuals of a similar age and gender on standard CPT variables.
  • Scores within the Attention State Analysis category use proprietary algorithms to provide a continuous summary of the examinee’s attention response patterns in each 30-second period of the assessment.

By analyzing an examinee’s attention at different periods throughout the test, the Pearson CPT can provide information about a subject’s ability to maintain attention throughout a full administration.


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