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Need to get oriented to tests when it’s most convenient for YOU? Try our Brainshark presentations! Brainsharks are our pre-recorded sessions that allow you to learn at your leisure. They are free of charge and generally require only 20-30 minutes. All you need is access to the internet and the sound enabled on your computer.

A list of available topics is found below. Simply click on the URL to go to a session. Please keep in mind that some session may take a few minutes to load.

Brainshark Presentations

  • ACS Overview Presentation

    In less than 20 minutes, you can learn from instructor Gloria Maccow about the essential components of the new Advanced Clinical Solutions (ACS) for WAIS®-IV and WMS®-IV. The session will provide you with an overview regarding how the ACS helps you learn more about a client’s strengths and needs with measures and scoring procedures related to memory, effort, social cognition, premorbid functioning, and daily living.

    Attend a session.

  • ACS: Test of Premorbid Functioning (formerly WTAR) Software Training

    In less than 20 minutes, you can learn about how to generate a reliable estimate of premorbid functioning using the Test of Premorbid Function (formerly WTAR) and associated software that is included in the Advanced Clinical Solutions for WAIS-IV and WMS-IV. The session will provide you with step by step instructions for generating premorbid predictions within the ACS software.

    Attend a session.

  • ASA Intro: An Introduction to the new Auditory Skills Assessment

    This introductory session will take less than 15 minutes to review. At the conclusion, you will learn what the ASA is, why you might want to use it with children 3-6 to 6-11, when it will be released, and how to obtain additional information on the ASA or any other Pearson speech measure.

    Attend a session.

  • Bayley®-III Screening Test

    Learn about the test that helps you screen for developmental delays and then conduct in-depth assessment, if needed. 

    Attend a session.

  • Behavior Assessment System for Children-Second Edition: Overview Presentation

    The BASC-2 is a multi-method, multi-dimensional system designed to help professionals understand the behaviors and emotions of children, adolescents, and young adults. In approximately 20 minutes, Dr. Gloria Maccow will describe the components of the BASC-2 - Teacher Rating Scales (TRS), Parent Rating Scales (PRS), Self-Report of Personality (SRP), Student Observation System (SOS), and Structured Developmental History (SDH). 

    Attend a session.

  • BESS (Behavior and Emotional Screening System), part of the BASC™-2 family

    Learn about using the quick classroom screener for behavioral and emotional issues. 

    Attend a session.

  • BBHI™ 2 (Brief Battery for Health Improvement 2) Online Tutorials

    These two tutorials will help you quickly gain an understanding of how to use the BBHI 2 test to efficiently assess for pain, function, depression, and other biopsychosocial issues that are commonly associated with pain and rehabilitation patients. 

    Attend a session.

  • BSI® (Brief Symptom Inventory)

    Want to learn more about the Brief Symptom Inventory? Learn more about the areas assessed, information obtained, and other key information.

    Attend a session.

  • CELF® Preschool-2 Spanish

    Would you like to learn more about the new CELF Preschool-2 Spanish? Our product manager and research director, both experts in the field, will share some of the essential features of this new test for native Spanish speakers. The session will take about 20 minutes to view. 

    Attend a session.

  • DAS-II for Beginners

    This overview presentation describes the purpose and uses of the DAS-II, general theoretical background, and information concerning general procedures for administration, scoring, and interpretation. 

    Attend a session.

  • DIAL-4 Training

    DIAL-4 purchasers can attend 8 training sessions geared toward administration, scoring and interpretation. 

    Attend a session.

  • Escala de Inteligencia de Wechsler para Adultos—Tercera Edicion (EIWA-III) Presentation

    Available in Spanish only, this session provides a brief overview of the EIWA. 

    Attend a session.

  • EVT-2 (Expressive Vocabulary Test, Second Edition)

    Learn about this measure of expressive vocabulary and word retreival. 

    Attend a session.

  • KeyMath™-3 Diagnostic Assessment

    Learn about the individually administered measure of essential mathematical concepts and skills. 

    Attend a session.

  • MCMI®-IV Overview

    This session provides you with an overview of the MCMI®-IV.

    Attend a session.

  • PPVT-4 (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fourth Edition)

    Learn about this measure of receptive vocabulary for Standard American English. 

    Attend a session.

  • SCAN-3

    The SCAN-3 is soon to be released! Learn more about the revision in this brief overview. Samples of tasks included! 

    Attend a session.

  • Vineland™-II (Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Second Edition)

    Learn about the leading instrument for measuring personal and social skills. 

    Attend a session.

  • WAIS-IV (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale®, Fourth Edition): Overview

    This session provides you with essential information regarding the features of the WAIS-IV. You will learn about some of the key differences between the WAIS-III and WAIS-IV, including examples of new subtests. This session is designed for clinicians that have not yet purchased the WAIS-IV, or those who have purchased and want to gain an overview prior to reading the manuals or attending a webinar.

    Attend a session.

  • WIAT®-III Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®–Third Edition: An Introduction

    This session provides you with essential information regarding the features of the WIAT-III. 

    Attend a session.

  • WISC®-IV Integrated

    If you are a psychologist looking to learn more about the WISC-IV Integrated, then this session is for you! In about 30 minutes, you can gain valuable insights into how process subtests of the WISC-IV Integrated help you understand strengths and needs to write a more targeted report regarding several important cognitive functions related to learning.

    Attend a session.

  • WMS®-IV Wechsler Memory Scale – Fourth Edition: An Introduction

    This session provides you with essential information regarding the features of the WMS-IV.

    Attend a session.

  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence™—Fourth Edition

    To learn more about the new WPPSI-IV assessment, view these brief presentations:

These Topics Coming Soon

  • The OUNCE Scale
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