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DIAL-4 Training

DIAL-4 Training Modules

Note: Purchasers of the DIAL-4 will receive a password for the training.

Attend a training module:

Module 1: Introduction to the DIAL-4. In this module we address basic facts regarding the revision and help you learn the essentials as you prepare to administer the test. Start the module

Module 2: Administering the Motor Area. This module presents the motor items of the DIAL-4. You will learn the key points of administration and scoring of this area. Start the module

Module 3: Administering the Concepts Area. This module describes the concepts items of the DIAL-4. You will learn key elements of administration and scoring the concepts items in this module. Start the module

Module 4: Administering the Language Area. This module presents the language items on the DIAL-4. You will learn important administration and scoring rules for the language items in this module. Start the module

Module 5: Administering the Speed DIAL-4. This module highlights the items associated with the Speed DIAL-4. Remember that the test items of the Speed DIAL-4 are a subset of the full DIAL-4 items. Therefore, if you are watching other modules, you may not need to view this module as the item demonstrations and basic instruction on administration are the same. However, if you are only administering the Speed DIAL-4, this module and the first and last modules will be essential. Start the module

Module 6: Introducing the Parent and Teacher Questionnaires. This module presents information concerning how to administer and use the Parent and Teacher questionnaires. Start the module

Module 7/8: Completing the Score Summary and Test Interpretation. The last modules go hand-in-hand, as we provide examples of completing the score summary and interpreting the screening results. Suggestions on working with parents are also included. Start the module