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New mental health continuing education options


Do you need to obtain APA CE or NASP CPD? Check out our Learning Management System at

We're adding more courses, but for now the following topics are available for a nominal fee:

  • Advanced WISC-V Interpretation. Earn 1 APA Continuing Education credit ($30) while you learn more about using and interpreting WISC-V data. The session was developed by Drs. Gloria Maccow and Anne-Marie Kimbell, Pearson Educational Consultants. Topics covered include the cognitive processes assessed by the WISC-V, understanding the links between various processes and achievement, and how to develop hypotheses regarding student performance and needs based on cognitive data.

  • Neuropsychological assessment of cognitive functions in individuals with TBI (A conversation with Dr. Dean Delis, Parts I & II) — Learn more about the important cognitive functions to assess when working with individuals with TBI. (Part 1: 1 APA CE $10; Part 2: 1 APA CE $15)

  • MCMI®-IV Independent Study Training Program. Earn 3 APA CE ($45) while you learn about the development and use of the MCMI-IV in clinical practice with Dr. Seth Grossman.

  • MMPI-2-RF® Independent Study Training Program. Earn 4 APA CE ($60) while you learn about the development and use of the MMPI-2-RF from Dr. Ben-Porath.

Please note: You must be qualified to take these courses.  Learn more by visiting the campus.