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Critical Thinking Means Business: Learn to Apply and Develop the NEW #1 Workplace Skill

What is more important than how your employees analyze, reason & think? Inside our 8-page paper Critical Thinking Means Business you'll get the facts about critical thinking, what it is (and isn't), how it helps problem solving and decision making, and the steps to developing a critical thinking training program.

Hiring Manufacturing Staff in the 21st Century: A Fundamental Shift in Skills

Effectively meeting the challenges of modern manufacturing has become much more than a bricks and mortar issue because success now requires personnel who have what it takes to blend their mastery of technology with rapid but sound decision making. Learn how to leverage the predictive model when hiring.

Retain Your Employees Before You Hire Them: Looking Beyond the Resume

Good leaders commonly state that they surround themselves with the best people. In turn, high-performing business cultures are fueled by employees who deliver productivity, innovation, and profitability. But first, an organization needs to view and understand its job candidates as individuals, rather than as simple resumes.

Companies Turning to Assessments to Get an Edge During Down Economy

To survive and prosper in today's economy, businesses are learning to think in new and different ways, including how they use talent assessments. Read how TalentLens customers are using assessments to raise the bar, develop teams and identify talent.

Study: Understanding the Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Job Performance

This study was conducted to evaluate the relationship between a measure of critical thinking ability and job performance as measured by supervisors' ratings. Results indicated that the measure of critical thinking ability is related to several important aspects of job performance.

Strategic Skills – Closing the New Talent Gap

The next generation of leaders are lacking in critical skills to drive corporate success. This whitepaper addresses the gap in strategic skills; critical thinking and collaboration, and offers solutions to build an empire of balanced leaders in today's society.

Creative and Critical Thinking: The Recipe for Innovation

It is hard to cook a dish properly if you're missing a key ingredient. And yet businesses often wonder why they have trouble getting innovation right. They know they need creative thinking – and lots of it. But they often lack the ability to transform their creative ideas into polished products for the real world.