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Qualification Process

First time assessment purchasers need to establish their credentials (OR) the credentials of the qualified user they are purchasing on behalf of in order to purchase assessments requiring qualifications level B or C. Read more about qualification levels.

Qualification consists of a short list of questions that are asked during your first online order as part of the checkout process. The information you must provide can be for yourself or another qualified user. If you do not see the qualification section in your checkout process, the products in your Cart do not require a qualified user and you can proceed to finalize your purchase.

For new purchasers, if a qualified user has submitted qualifications previously to Pearson for orders made on a website account (either their own or another purchaser’s account) or via the manual qualifications form used for fax, email, phone, mail, or webform ordering, you will still need to re-submit their qualifications on your website account to be able to choose them as a qualified user during your checkout process.

If you would like to order by webform, phone, fax, or mail instead of online and we do not already have your qualifications (i.e. you did not create a website account and submit them), then complete our qualification information online.

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