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Motor Skills Acquisition in the First Year: An Illustrated Guide to Normal Development


Overview: Gain understanding of normal infant development


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Achieve a greater understanding of normal development with Lois Bly's illustrated guide

Use this comprehensive resource to detect the development of different motor skills during the first year of life. Discover how specific motor components build the foundation for babies to achieve developmental milestones. 

You'll find that the progression of skills is clearly illustrated by remarkable photographs. Noted physical therapist Lois Bly clarifies the difference between normal variations and pathology. 

Follow the monthly progression that's enhanced by 300 photographs. You'll find an informative discussion that includes an overview and specific developmental characteristics. The detailed photographs illustrate motor development occurring in these positions supine, prone, sidelying, standing, and walking.

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  • Motor Skills Acquisition in the First Year
    Softbound, 232 pgs
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  • Motor Skills Acquisition Checklist
    Softbound, 48 pgs; Set of 10
  • Motor Skills Acquisition Individual Checklist
    Softbound, 48 pgs; single copy
  • Motor Skills Acquisition Combo
    Includes Motor Skills Acquisition in the First Year: An Illustrated Guide to Normal Development (232-page softbound manual) and Motor Skills Acquisition Checklist (48-page individual checklist)
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