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Minnesota Handwriting Assessment


Overview: Handwriting evaluation that addresses manuscript and D'Nealian print

Age Range: Grades 1 and 2

Completion Time: 2 1/2 minutes; with scoring experience, less than 10 minutes.

Publication Date: 1999


Product Details

Now there's a tool for evaluating handwriting that addresses manuscript and D'Nealian print

Use the Minnesota Handwriting Assessment with first and second grade students to analyze handwriting skills, including standard manuscript and D'Nealian styles of print. This test has normative information, substantiating its test/retest reliability.

Use the test to identify how students are performing in relationship to their peers. It also demonstrates progress as a result of intervention. Scores are based on rate and five quality categories—

  • Legibility
  • Form
  • Alignment
  • Size
  • Spacing
Test students individually or in groups.

Pricing & Ordering

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Manual Scoring
  • Kits



  • Minnesota Handwriting Assessment Complete Kit
    Includes Manual, 1 Manuscript and 1 D'Nealian Pad, 25 Sheets.
  • Administration Materials



  • D'Nealian Print Pads
    Pkg of 4 pads, 25 sheets per pad
  • Standard Manuscript Print Pads
    Pkg of 4, 25 sheets per pad
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