Miller Assessment for Preschoolers
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Miller Assessment for Preschoolers


Overview: Assess children for developmental delays

Age Range: 2.9 through 5.8 years

Completion Time: 30-40 minutes

Norms: Percentile Ranks

Publication Date: 1988


Product Details

This short but comprehensive preschool assessment instrument will help you evaluate children for mild to moderate developmental delays. With the Miller Assessment for Preschoolers (MAP™), items are objective, easy to administer, and provide you with a broad overview of a child's developmental status in comparison to other children the same age.

MAP can be used for in-depth assessments and for creating a framework from which IEPs and IFSPs can be formulated. A color-coded Record Form clearly delineates age-appropriate performance for each item.

A supplemental Observation Sheet for recording subjective impressions of the child's test performance is provided.

Foundations Index—Assesses abilities involving basic motor tasks and the awareness of sensations, both of which are fundamental for the development of complex skills.

Coordination Index—Items assess complex gross, fine, and oral motor abilities.

Verbal Index—Items focus on memory, sequencing, comprehension, association, and expression in a verbal context.

Nonverbal Index—Examines memory, sequencing, visualization, and the performance of mental manipulations not requiring spoken language.

Complex Tasks Index—Items measure sensorimotor abilities in conjunction with cognitive abilities from the Complex Tasks Index. In contrast to items assessing sensorimotor or cognitive abilities alone, items in the Complex Tasks Index require the interpretation of visuospatial information.

Based on Comprehensive Research
Item development was based on research involving more than 4,000 children and 800 items to ensure a comprehensive determination of developmental status.

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