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Motor Skills Acquisition Checklist


Overview: Identify and understand normal infant development


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Use this checklist to identify and understand normal infant development

As a companion to the best-selling Motor Skills Acquisition in the First Year, this convenient checklist helps you to identify the proper milestones for each month of development from neonatal to 12 months. Use the checklist to gain insight to the normal motor development and movements in infants, to monitor motor development over time, and to help treat infants with motor development delays. Follow a child's progress with up to 4 evaluations per checklist.

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  • Motor Skills Acquisition Checklist
    Softbound, 48 pgs; Set of 10
  • Motor Skills Acquisition Individual Checklist
    Softbound, 48 pgs; single copy
  • Motor Skills Acquisition Combo
    Includes Motor Skills Acquisition in the First Year: An Illustrated Guide to Normal Development (232-page softbound manual) and Motor Skills Acquisition Checklist (48-page individual checklist)
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